This blog was started as just a receptacle for all my internet exploits.  A sort of scrap book.

Originally Cauwel3.com was just going to be a place to have all my YouTube videos cataloged. See, the only reason I’m on any social media sites or have this domain is because in December of 2011 I started reviewing mostly horror movies on YouTube and continued to do so till late 2016. You can click here to visit my channel. I only managed to get up to around 5700 subscribers and a little over a million total views. But I made some friends and definitely had some good times seeing movies early or making stupid videos. I even enjoyed some of the negative comments thrown my way and apparently had a few people that actually enjoyed my videos as you can see by the comments on my final video. (below)

So what is next? I’m not sure, but i can tell you I have been inspired by a varied group of content creators online. Lately I’ve been exploring the bootleg and custom toy feeds on Instagram. Coincidentally a friend of mine I have known for over 20 years just gave me his old G.I. Joe figures and a bunch of old Star Wars toys. So equipped with a bunch of raw materials in the form of old action figures and shitty ideas. I might try to produce a toy or two.

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