The Top 50 Videos from My Old YouTube Channel

This is the only page of text I had from the last incarnation of this website. Now it’s something I can add as part of the overall archiving goal.
I made over 350 videos on my old channel. They are a nice slice of most of the horror and sci-fi films that were coming out between 2012-early 2016. With a few classics thrown in.  You might have seen a few of the movies but I’m sure there are a few you haven’t . Check out the list and my old YouTube channel.
  1. The Green Inferno (2013)
  2. Snuff 102 (2007)
  3. V/H/S  (2012)
  4. Sinister (2012)
  5. The ABCs of Death  (2012)
  6. The Lords of Salem (2012)
  7. Cloverfield (2008)
  8. The Signal (2014)
  9. Devil’s Pass (2013)
  10. Mama (2013)
  11. Deliver Us From Evil (2014)
  12. Contracted (2013)
  13. The Frankenstein Theory (2013)
  14. The Possession of Michael King (2014)
  15. 2012 Zombie Apocalypse (2011)
  16. Chernobyl Diaries (2012)
  17. Frankenstein’s Army (2013)
  18. The Bay (2012)
  19. Nurse 3D (2013)
  20. Evil Dead (2013)
  21. Robocop (1987)
  22. Hellraiser (1987)
  23. The Wolverine (2013)
  24. Grave Encounters 2 (2012)
  25. The Dead (2010)
  26. Curse of Chucky (2013)
  27. American Mary (2012)
  28. Afflicted (2013)
  29. Rec 3 Genesis (2012)
  30. Raze (2013)
  31. The Barrens (2012)
  32. The Final (2010)
  33. Dark Skies (2013)
  34. Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)
  35. The Collector (2009)
  36. Scanners (1981)
  37. The Last Days on Mars (2013)
  38. Amityville II: The Possession (1982)
  39. Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)
  40. Devil’s Due (2014)
  41. Apartment 143 (2011)
  42. Maniac (2013)
  43. Europa Report (2013)
  44. The Black Water Vampire (2014)
  45. Mimesis Night of the Living Dead (2011)
  46. Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014)
  47. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013)
  48. Lovely Molly (2011)
  49. Carrie (1976)
  50. No One Lives (2012)

Frank and Sons, My favorite comics and collectibles show

Frank and Sons photo
Frank and Sons comic and collectible show

One place I’ve always wanted to tell you about is The Frank and Sons comic and collectibles show. The show has been going on since I was a teenager. I’m not sure of the exact year it started or when it exactly became a twice a week nerd paradise. But the thing I can tell you it has been going on a long time at this point. I went sometime in my early teens and as of this writing I’m 42 years old.

Lots of action figures

Now I got my kids going. In fact it is one of the first places I took my daughter alone while she was still in a stroller. Now me and the two kids take off and give mom a few hours off sometimes. I enjoy going on Wednesday’s after work when the weathers nice and cool. When I can look at the multitudes of stuff lining the concrete floors without such a big crowd.

My kids like Pops

Close to where the 57 and 60 meet in Los Angeles county the show takes places twice a week in the City of Industry. Located in the middle of a bunch of shipping warehouses is the show. I guess the Frank in Frank and Sons also ran a shipping operation at some point. The location leads probably to the biggest problem about the show. It may be the only problem. The parking !! But lets talk about the good stuff.

More figures

Imagine an indoor swapmeet dedicated to collectibles. It started as a comic book show but has always been evolving with the times. The good news is you can still find a lot of comics. Besides that they have everything else. I went through my early Ebay and toy collecting phase mostly buying stuff here. The prices are always much better than the “big conventions”, and the assortment never fails to amaze. Now when I go with the kids I look at bargain graphic novels and trade paperbacks, toys and used Dvd’s, the kids like POPs and Pokemon, Wonder Woman and Lego figures. They also have a dedicated section for card games like Magic that you can rent a table and play with other people. Plus quite a few sports memorabilia vendors. Occasionally they have a special occasion like Raiderfest where they had a bunch of player come down and sign autographs and such. I made the mistake of going one of those days. It was crowded and I don’t like crowds. This is one of the reasons I don’t like Comic Con. Parking is already a problem but on the special event days, it is a mess. But if you really want see some of the big names in comics and sports or pro wrestling. You might need to brave the crowd and parking. It’s probably not as bad as I’m making it sound.

More stuff

Besides, the parking is literally the only bad part. The show is free, the shitty parking is free. They even have tons of food and drink on site. The food looks good even though I’ve never ate anything. If you live in the area or are coming to Los Angeles and you have some time to kill I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking. Check out my pictures.

Masters of the Universe

One of the vendors that sells DVDs and Blu-rays

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